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I would love to have a conversation with you when you are thinking of moving from your current home to a home that is a better fit for your lifestyle!

If you are looking to move to or relocate from the Greater Sacramento area, I may be of help to you.  If you need to hire a Realtor outside the Sacramento area, I can locate just the right person to help you through my
7-step interview process.

When you work with me, you can be confident that you will have an agent who truly cares, will patiently talk things through with you and will not compel you to make a decision before you are ready!

A Little About Me

I am passionate about protecting my clients and believe that every person is precious to God.  Therefore, I will treat you with the honor and respect you deserve. I am patient and consider myself a good listener and love listening to stories of your life experiences.  Even though I text and email, many of my clients do not have that ability and would much rather talk on the phone when we're not meeting in person.  I am perfectly content communicating with you on the phone if that is your preference.  During our conversations, I will be able to gain a better insight as to what is important to you as you consider your move.  Do you want to live closer to family, do you need to buy and sell at the same time, are you looking to downsize, upsize or live in a senior community?  Whatever it is, we will talk through the process together and come up with a solution that fits you the best!  

My Promise To You

How I Serve You!

My honesty and integrity is a reflection of my relationship with God; I pray over every step in the process of every transaction and I promise I will do the same for you.  I also come from a family where chemical sensitivity is an issue, so I want you to be assured that I will never wear scented products to any of our appointments.  I will be a fierce advocate for you and this partially stems from  a story that I remember when I was a young mother.  A salesman made a house call to an 80-year-old friend of mine who thankfully invited me to be there during her appointment.  By being her advocate, I was able to save her $1,000 and I promise I will be there for you too!  

My full service approach can include facilitating:  estate sales, sorting and packing belongings, disposing of unwanted items, yard maintenance, cleaning, staging, and repairs.  I work with reputable moving companies that specialize in senior relocation.  They ensure that all items are handled gently and set-up carefully in your new home.  Throughout the entire process, I will keep you and your family informed through regular updates.  My services are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring a personalized experience from start to finish.  I work closely with a trusted team of professionals, including:  Attorneys, CPA's, Financial Advisors, Senior Placement, and Senior Move Managers.  You will obtain the benefit of working with this team while we plan to sell your home, or look for your next home.  

Some Fun Facts About Me!

My favorite color is yellow - like the sunshine!
Elephants and orangutans are my favorite animals
I am a plant-based gourmet cook
I play the violin, piano and guitar
I like to mow the lawn
I can do a cartwheel
I love little children

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