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I recently had a family ask me to represent them as their buyer’s agent.  The wife originally told me they were looking for 40-50 acres to grow an orchard and garden so her husband could take a break from truck driving.  That’s all I knew until I scheduled the initial consultation.  I sat down with […]

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The answer is yes!  The reason is that, you as the seller, are paying your real estate agent to work for you.  When you hire a fence builder, appliance repairman, or mechanic, you want to know what they are charging.  The same applies to a real estate agent.  Some real estate agents have a conversation […]

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Hi, I’m Carla and I specialize in helping folks downsize in the Greater Sacramento area! 

Becoming a Seniors Real Estate Specialist has enabled me to help families find optimal solutions during a potentially challenging process.  I will be readily available to guide you through the process of buying or selling your home in the Greater Sacramento area with carefulness and thoroughness as I investigate the needs of your particular situation.  

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